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Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Three men walking into a river, and found a fish which was trapped in a fish trap. After they released the fish, suddenly the fish changing into Aquarius, the God(des) of Rain. He gave three wishes to each men and they had to choose: GOLD for a short time, SILVER for a few years, or IRON forever. In short, the last people choose the iron. When Aquarius pointing his finger to the mountain, yet, it became the Erzberg, mean the iron mountain, which had been mine since Celtic and Roman history, and became the biggest iron ore deposit in Austria (the Eisenerz is behind me). This became a history of my university. Just say it's a geological field trip, although it wasn't. Kalau di versi Indonesia kan, si Jin punya 3 permintaan buat dikabulkan.. Monggo....

Melawan arus di sungai Mahakam menuju Long Pahangai dan Long Apari, Kaltim

Ekskursi Genesa Bahan Galian Teknik Pertambangan ITB 2014 ke Purwakarta

Kawah Kereta Api, Kamojang

Mikrofold Bantarujeg



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