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Situ Cisanti di Pengalengan, Bandung

50 km dari Bandung, Situ Cisanti terkenal karena menjadi sumber mata air sungai Citarum

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

I found my stolen bike!


13.30: Me, Vidya and Aqila went to buy some stuff in a store. We park our bike side by side and lock it together.

15.40: We finished shopping. Unfortunately, someone opened the lock. Vidya's bike was lost and another bike was not locked.

15.42: I decided to report this cases to the local police officer.

15.43: I MET THE THIEF ON MY WAY TO POLICE OFFICE! +-20-25 years old guy riding Vidya's bike. He was trying his new bike and did not recognize me. I try to hit the bike and he run. I cannot hit him, unfortunately I felt down. He drove away using Vidya's bike.

15.44: I drove back and try to chased at the back of him. Fortunately, I can still see him, going through the main square, and so on, and he went to his apartment.

15.48: I was too late, the door is locked, but I am 100% sure that the thief has entered the apartment with Vidya's bike. I made an emergency call: 122 (Remember this number!:EURO emergency call).

15.55: Officer came, 2 cars, 4 officer (2 men, 2 women). They opened the door. I was waiting outside.

15.58: Officer asked me to come in. I found my bikeeeeee.....

15.58 - 17.00: I was interrogated in Police office. They were very kind and professional. The report will be submitted to the Justizezentrum Leoben (court). I HOPE THEY FOUND THE THIEF.

Thank you for quick response and cooperation. The officer said, locks with number combination were easy to be opened (although I know that my current lock is perfect-number combination, but then, after today, I changed my mind). They suggest to change with a locks+key.

Congratulations AmazonPrime, you have new customer for bike accessories. Anyway, thank you officer for quick response. Vielen Dank LPD (Landes Polizei Direktion) Leoben!

To Joel and Anung, I am sorry for this matter. I will make sure your bike is saved with me. Thank you for your trust.

Alhamdulillah, masih diberi kepercayaan dari Allah buat menjaga amanah. Barang dikunci saja bisa hilang, apalagi ga dikunci. Abus juga buatan manusia. Waspadalah, waspadalah!

18.45: article started

19.13: article finished

Abus is still man made. Nothing is perfect.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Sketchbook

My wife  knows that: I hate details. I know my hand sketch always looks like unfinished sketch, but no matter how bad my sketch is, I enjoy this process. Time for relaxation, time for oneself, it is priceless. Everyone has their own problems, but one should divine our happiness. For me, sketching makes me happy. Please excuse my unrealistic sketch.

1. Der Dachstein
Dachstein (Hoher Dachstein-DE, Dach=roof, stein=rock), part of North Calcaerous Alps (NCA). It consists of Dachstein Limestone and strongly karstic. Due to the nature of karst, cave can be easily developed through the reaction of water with limestone, resulted by the rich cave system, including the Mammuthhöhle (the biggest ice cave in the world). At the back of Dachstein, you will find an oldest salt mine in a history, and may be, the one of the most of the picturesque village in the world. Hallstatt.

2. Großglockner Hochalpenstrasse
It was pretty sudden, when I decided to biking in the highest road in Austria. I packed all my stuff a week before, then, everything was so smooth until I can see the highest peak of Austria (3,798 m). The hohe Tauern (the mountain range where Großglockner is located) is the result of the subduction of the African plate towards the Eurasian plate. This mountain range formed as a product of subduction around 100 millions years ago. 
Grossglockner from andyyahya on Vimeo.

3. Amperstein and Marchreisenspitze
I started this tour when my Boss (the so called Professor) offering me to went hiking in the middle of conference. We drove to Axamer Lizum (Tirol) and started to climb up to reach Nockspitze (or some others call Saile). During our trip, my Boss described everyyyyything about the geology in this area, because he did a mapping in this area almost 30 years a go. He was totally different to me. He loves details. :p 

4. Hafelekarspitze
If I were asked, what is the best city to visit in Austria, then I will answer "Innsbruck." The combination of an old city, modernity and Karwendel Mountain is totally awesome. Innsbruck is located in the Inns valley and looking to the North, a huge dolomite mountain (Wetterstein dolomite) is just astonishing.

5. Gosowong gold mine
I visited this gold mine on 2014, when I have to accompanied two master students from Kyushu University to take a sample. The gosowong is a good example of high-grade low sulfidation epithermal deposit, also notable for a good mine closure. As far as I know, this mine has been closured and the gold project were focussed on another location, some of them are the Kencana and Toguraci.  

6. Batu dinding (the wall of stone)
As I try to remember, I draw this sketch when I driving a boat towards Long Pahangai, Mahakam Ulu region. That was my first time I love sketching. Batu dinding is a huge limestone formation which has a lot of foraminiferra. Batu dinding is located close to Long Bagun area.

7. Batu ayau
It is named after a legend of Dayaknese people. I started to draw when I was boring during my trip from Long Pahangai to Long Bagun. No more extra battery on my camera, I just documented what I have seen.  

The basic things of this cartoon, is the replacement of the hematite (ferrous) ore body with the marbles, and remobilized, enriched by the iron-rich fluid and metamorphic fluid, and minor meteoric fluids. The chloritisation occur near the ore vein, and pegmatite occur older than the mineralization. The mineralisation tends to be epigenetic, means, the ore deposit mineralised later than the host rock.

9. Iron ore mine, Erzberg and Eisenerzer Reichenstein, North Alps
The biggest iron ore deposit in Central Europe can be seen in a city of Eisenerz. It is thirty kilometer to the north of my current city, Leoben. On my birthday, me, my wife and daughter went hiking to Polster mountain, and from Polster, we can clearly see the Erzberg iron mine and Reichenstein mountain. Both are located in the city of Eisenerz.

10. Gare du Palais, Québec City
11. Mont Royal, Montreal, Canada
12. Windsborn Krater, Eifel, Germany
13. Bernkastel-kues, Germany
14. Trier, Germany

16. Karwendel Mountain from Innsbruck. This is the city where i would always want to come back to.

17. After 10 days of field works in Northern Finland and Sweden, I fly back to Vienna from Rovaniemi. This city is on the border with polar circle
18. Rainfall spring (Mataair Hujan) in Bitung City, North Sulawesi. I was here for geothermal exploration campaign around Klabat-Wineru-Dua Saudara Mountains
19. Tanjung Tinggi Beach - Belitung
 20. Ijen Crater, sketch from flight magazine


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alpen Dalam Bingkai Foto

Ibex - kambing gunung di pegunungan Alpen

Eisenerz Hochblaser - (Agustus, 2015)

Ramsau am Dachstein - Gütennberghaus (Juli, 2015)
Zigzag, 1.900 m asl 

Guttenberghaus in Ramsau am Dachstein (1914) at 2.164 m

His name is Mingmar, came from Nepal and work in this huts since 2 months a go. I hope someday I can visit Kathmandu and Khumbu

Can you see the goat? They lived in a hill of the Alps, I tooked this photo in around 2.250 m asl
Hölltallsee (Silberkar see) 

Rossing Silberkarklamm

Bunny in Lärchbodenalm 

Bee and flower 

Flag which guide you home

Bloom in summer 

Hill between Sinnabel and Essenstein, 2.200 m asl


Großglöckner Alpen Highway (Juni, 2015)
Großglöckner Overview

Profil Großglöckner 

Füscher Torl

Indonesian Flag at Füscher Torl

Serpentine from Füscher Torl

Serpentine to Heiligenblut

Hochtor (7.9 degree C)

Grüner See (April, 2015)
Hochswab as a background

Me at Hochswab background

Grüner See

Camp stove

Bench before the water level increase

Grüner See

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