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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hiking with Kid, why not?

July 17th, 2017. We packed our lunch, children carrier, water and took a bus at about 8.40 from Leoben Annaberg. The bus costs 4 Euro/ person, because we have zwei und mehr discount card (Steirische Familienpass), which allow reduced price (38%). Unfortunately, the OeBB Vorteilscard Family cannot be used oin Postbus. It tooks for about 40 minutes from Leoben to Praebichl. 
At around 9.30, we arrived at Praebichl bus stop. Although it is a summer time, the wind blows mildly. It was too cold for Vidya, so she tooks her jacket, but Aqila insisted that it was not cold. From the bus stop, we searched for the hiking route and Aqila, our 3 years old toddler was very excited. We followed the hiking signature "Erzwanderweg."
From there, the hiking trails was surrounded by high trees (pine?) and moss. Aqila can still manage and did not want to sit in the bike carrier. After 1 hours walked, she was tired and wants to sit in the bag. I was surprised that she could managed to hiked by herself. We took the shortest way to reach Polster from Praebichl, which means, the steepest route. After high trees, the scenery is more opened and we can saw the Polsterschutz huette. From that point, the route split into two. To the left is Polster and the other side is the "knappensteig" to Leobnerhuette. We took the left and no more high trees surrounding us. 
 It was 11.00, and Vidya got tired and was hungry. We decided to stop in a beton under the "sessellift", where scenery to Reichenstein, Erzberg and Kaiserschild are clearly be seen. Aqila was excited and I offered her pen and paper to draw. It was one hour break. Some other hiker was behind us, some brought their "flying bags" (i do not know how to say). 
It was 12.00, we continued until Polsterschutz huette. It tooks less than 1 hour and we met Ludwig, the owner of those huette. We ordered a cup of coffee and black tea. It was only 6 people on that huette. We were three, Ludwig and another couples above. Ludwig said, that the polster lift will be renovated soon. He seemed happy, because more people will come on winter, but he said, he cannot depending only from those huette. It was a hobby for pensionist, he said.
From huette, we continued our steps to Polster. In half an hour, we arrived at the top of Polster. Hurraaay, I celebrated my 29th birthday in Polster....
We stayed for about 20 minutes and enjoyed the scenery, and follow the routes into the Leobner huette, and tooked the zigzag trails until back to Praebichl. It was longer than I expected, and we arrived back at bus halte at 16.25. In totals, it tooks 6 hours of walked (1 hour Aqila walked by herself) and 5 hours in my bag. My shoulder was getting red, because then I realized that the bag was a little bit inclined. Anyway, I am pleased that Vidya, Aqila enjoyed this trip, and asked me "where will we hike after this?".  I just smiled to her. 

Video 3 - Hiking bersama buah hati 



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