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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Document Legalisation in Vienna, Austria

After we graduated from the University, we will receive:
a) certificate of graduation (Promotionsbescheid, DE or ijazah, IDN) and 
b. academic transcript (Abschrift der Studiendaten, DE or transkrip akademik).

Bring this documents to BMWFW  (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft) in Teinfaltstraße 8, 3rd floor at room 313. Each document cost EUR 14.30. Please pay with cash. It took for about 10 minutes. The office hours is ONLY Tuesday and Thursday at 9-12.
Then we can continue our legalisation procedure in BMEIÄ (Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres Büro für Konsularbglaubigungen) in Leopold-Figl-Gasse 5, main floor (Erdegeschoss Room 39). On the internet, we will find that the room is located in Minoritenplatz 5,-8 Vienna. However, the entrance is not on that street, but on Leopold-Figl-Gasse. Take the waiting list number, and then wait until the officer give the permission. Here we can pay using bank card or by cash. Each document cost  EUR 17.50. For me, it took 5 minutes.
It is a bit tricky to go to the second office. I suggest to ask the direction on the first office, and they will help you with a simplified map as shown below.
After those steps, we can continue to the embassy (for my case Indonesian Embassy or Wisma Duta which located in Gustav-Tschermak Gasse). It tooks 3 days until the document is signed. In my case, I give permission to the officer to send my documents into Leoben, as it is more easy, and it costs  EUR 10 using EMS.

update: It tooks half days to legalize the document in Indonesian Embassy.

Good luck.


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