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MSc, PhD Opportunity in Geology

Prof. Dr. Helge Stanjek
RWTH Aachen University
Clay and Interface Mineralogy
Bunsenstr. 8
D-52072 Aachen

In a joint DFG project the institutes of Clay and Interface Mineralogy and Applied Mineralogy and Economic Geology will investigate the mobility of thallium in the critical zone. We are therefore looking for a PhD student 

Thallium is an emerging contaminant with higher toxicity to mammals than other heavy metals such as Pb, Cd or Hg. Soils represent the crucial environmental compartment for Tl transfer paths from point sources to the adjacent bio- and hydrosphere, respectively. Thus, a quantitative understanding of the Tl behavior in the critical zone in general and in soil in particular is of great social importance. The sorption properties of Tl on clay minerals, which are key phases for the enrichment or migration of Tl in soils, are not properly investigated. This project will generate sorption isotherms of Tl and potentially similarly behaving metals on select and representative clay minerals. The data will significantly improve the accuracy of predictive fluid transport modelling of Tl in the critical zone. This will be evaluated in a case study on a soil affected by smelter-derived Tl input.

Duration of employment: 3 year/s
Start of employment: 1.2.2019
Extent of employment: 30 hours/week, 3/4 of E13
Job description: The PhD student will perfom the following:
- Prepare purified clay fractions of select clay minerals
- Commissioning an experimental setup for measuring cation exchange
isotherms at various temperatures, pH, and ionic strengths, respectively
- Investigate the influence of complex-forming anions (especially HCO3 and Cl􀀀) on the exchange of Tl species
- Perform a case study on a polluted site nearby to Aachen 
- Evalution, validation and publication of results in international peer-reviewed journals
- Participation and presentation of results at international conferences 

Your profile
We are looking for an outstanding candidate, who fullfills the following
- Master in Geosciences or Chemistry or Physical Chemistry
- Strong background in analytical and chemical work
- Excellent command of written English
- Experience in programming with Matlab and Python is welcome
Required application documents (provide a single pdf document)
- Letter of motiviation
- Academic curriculum vitae
- Description of your lab experience
Applications should be submitted to Helge Stanjek ( or Sven Sindern ( not later than 5th of January 2019.
The RWTH Aachen University pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy as well as diversity (
Die-RWTH/Profil/~eni/Gender-Diversity/) and lays special emphasis on increasing the number of women in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.


Four Year PhD Position in Mineral Physics/Petrology in Mineral Physics/Petrology is available at the Department of Lithospheric Research, University of Vienna. The position is embedded in an Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) funded, bilateral Austrian-­‐Russian project on “Fe-­‐Ti oxide inclusions and magnetism of oceanic gabbro”.

The PhD candidate will be based at the Department of Lithospheric Research, University of Vienna and will be required to perform extended research stays at partner in Slovenia and Germany. The main task to be accomplished by the PhD candidate is the mineralogical and crystallographic characterization of Fe-­‐Ti oxide micro inclusions, including their sub-­‐micron scale internal microstructures, their orientation relationships to the host minerals as well as their chemical and
magnetic properties. The main method of investigation will be Transmission Electron Microscopy.
The preparatory characterization will be done in-­‐house using dedicated Scanning Electron Microscopy including Electron Backscatter Diffraction as well as targeted extraction of  TEM foils
using Focused Ion Beam technique.
The microstructural characterization at high resolution will be done using Transmission Electron Microscopy in collaboration with Prof. Dr. A. Recnik at the Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubiana. The
grain-­‐internal magnetic structures will be investigated using electron holography in collaboration
with Prof Dr. R. Dunin-­‐Borkowski at the Ernst Ruska-­‐Centre at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The
PhD candidate will be trained in SEM, EBSD, FIB and TEM techniques and will work  at the interface between crystal physics, petrology and geophysics.
We seek a highly motivated candidate with background in mineralogy/crystallography/petrology,
or material physics. The candidate should have a genuine interest in Transmission Electron Microscopy as well as in mineralogy/petrology and crystal physics. Experience in electron microscopy, in particular, TEM-­‐based microstructural research, will be beneficial.

The position should be filled by 1st of March 2019.
Further information is available from Prof Dr. R. Abart,
General information about the Department of Lithospheric Research and  the University of Vienna is
available at: and at
Please send your application to 
Prof. Dr. Rainer Abart 
Department of Lithospheric Research
Althanstraße 14 (UZA II),
Room: 2B327
Vienna, Austria

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