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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blank diagram for silicates-oxides and various geothermometry

Update 13 February 2017
- Thermocalc - Practical Aspects of Mineral Thermobarometry

Several diagram had been digitized for my academic purposes. This page will be updated continuously. Click the author name to access the original manuscript. In case you need the original paper, just drop me message and do not hesitate to contact me. Enjoy 

Zr-Zr/Y diagram - discrimination diagram, classifying basalt origin
Pearce, J.A., and Norry, M.J., 1979, Petrogenetic implications of Ti, Zr, Y, and Nb. Variations in volcanic rocks:  Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v. 69, p. 33-37.

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Zr-Nb-Y - basalts tectonic setting discriminants
Meschede, M., 1986, A method of discriminating between different types of mid-ocean ridge basalts and continental tholeiites with the Nb-Zr-Y diagram: Chemical Geology, v. 56, p. 207-218.

Plagioclase classification - clasifying plagioclase 
Deer,W. A.; Howie, R. A.; Zussman, J. (2001): Rock-forming minerals.  Volume 4A, Framework silicates. Feldspars/  W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie, J. Zussman. 2nded. London: Geological Society

Chlorite classification
Chlorite geothermometry
Mica-muscovite-phengite geothermometer



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